An experiment –

I have and always have had a problem with starting a story but unable to get very far. I would love to start my stories and have bloggers add a paragraph or two and see what we come up with. If you are interested, I am inviting you to add-on to my posts what you think would work.

I am going to post my first story start after this post. The title is even up for grabs but I will tell you the start of the story is about a young woman who works in a factory in Los Angeles, California. I am feeling that she is Hispanic and comes from a very simple existence where her life is one of work, family and very little substance. One day on her way to work she suddenly finds herself transported to a place in France, a beautiful paradise surrounded by waterfalls, flowers, cobblestone walkways, and very privileged young people who seem to know her.

This is just an experiment. I welcome all editors to contribute corrections of any kind (within reasonable consideration as far as manners and respect go).

Thank you for your contributions!


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