First story (no title yet)

Isabela looked up the side of a mountain at the subtly hidden chateau’s and noticed beautiful waterfalls that ran like ribbons down to a sea of deep blue purple and thought to herself she must have died and went to heaven. Where did this come from? One minute she’s walking to work  in the cement jungle of LA’s clothing district and next she’s viewing this scene of exquisite beauty. Stunned she stood and viewed her surroundings. The sea, the chateau’s, the gorgeous flowers that melted into the scenery as if painted there. She noticed activity near the end of one of the falls. At the bottom was a pool with people talking amongst each other. She walked up some cobblestone steps that wound their way through the jungle of flowers and trees towards them.

“Excusez-moiz!” A strangely familiar phrase greeted her ears from her own lips!
“Excusez-moiz! Je semble être perdu. pouvez-vous me dire où je suis, s’il vous plaît? (Excuse me! I seem to be lost, can you tell me where I am, please) Shocked, she heard herself speak fluent French although she had no idea how. She’s never spoken anything but English in her life!

The young people looked up at her and laughed.”Oui. Où avez-vous été Bonet?” (Yes, where have you been Bonet) was their answer. Somehow she understood them!

“Où suis-je?” (Where am I?) she asked out loud again in French.

The young people stopped what they were doing and stared at her wondering what game she was playing. They exchanged looks.
Quel est le problème avec vous bonet? (what is wrong with you Bonet?) I am not Bonet, she thought. Who is Bonet?

Your turn …


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