Peter Lake meets Thor

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”
Peter Lake excitedly races towards his long-lost love on the star Pleiades along with Horse, iridescent wings flapping, when suddenly he is knocked off Horse and falling rapidly through
mid-air back to earth. No! he screams to himself, NOT AGAIN! I CAN’T DO IT!! But, instead of falling to earth he finds himself in the arms of
a huge massive mammoth of a fellow with superhuman strength and is set gently down in another realm. He looks up at the enormous man
and says “Hello, I’m Peter Lake.” The giant is Thor, a Norse god of Asgard. “Hello Peter Lake! I am Thor! Am I heavy? haha!” and he jumps into Peter Lake’s arms unannounced. “Uhhh, Peter grunts, light as a feather!” He drops Thor who jumps up and says, “So sorry Peter Lake, it was my wayward hammer that knocked you off your horse. Where were you going? I thought you were invading us here at Asgard.” He sticks out his
very large hand and Peter Lake hesitantly takes it and tries to return a confident handshake. “I was on my way to be reunited with someone who is waiting for me there.” He points up to the star Pleiades. “But I wonder, he adds to himself, is this another chance meeting?” He looks up
searching for the white iridescent wings of Horse who had at another time and another place orchestrated a chance meeting